Scavengers-Reign (2022)

I worked during 2022 in storyboard, layout/posing and creature animation in Scavengers-Reign of Joseph Bennett and Charles Huettner.

It really was a dream working with such talented people. I admire the work of everybody but I must admit that, during the “Tumblr era”, Charles Huettner and Caleb Wood were a big inspiration for me to start studing animation. So I will be honest again, I fangirled when I started working on this.

ALSO I animated SO MANY COOL CREATURES. That was a lot of fun.
Storyboarding was hard but I learned that I have A LOT to learn, haha.

Here, take a look!

︎ ︎Ep.102

︎ ︎ Ep.104

︎ ︎Ep.107